What our Clients are saying.....

The beauty of this arrangement is that between your personal attention and your pleasant professional maintenance staff, this all seems to happen effortlessly and with virtually no disruption to the workplace environment. We appreciate your "Can Do" attitude, pleasant demeanor, quality plant material and reasonable pricing.

TishmanSpeyer Properties
Rockefeller Center consists of 22 acres of mid-town Manhattan with 19 buildings. Julius Roehrs installs and maintains all of our lobby plantings - both the green plants and the weekly and seasonal installations of flowering plants.

In addition, they are instrumental in organizing and installing many of the varied Channel Garden plantings on Fifth Avenue that are so internationally well-known.

With their four acres of greenhouses, they have the necessary plants to fulfill most orders immediately, unlike other companies which must order from Florida and Canada. They also install and maintain wonderfully the summer garden which follows in place of the ice rink.”

Merck & Company, Inc.
“ ...We have the never-ending task of making all the employees/occupants comfortable on a daily basis. Thanks to Julius Roehrs the interior plants services part of my responsibility has been solved. Many of their ideas and suggestions have now taken root and I now receive complements, rather than complaints...

Merck & Co. Inc. is a leader in the Pharmaceutical Industry and we are happy to say we have selected a leader in the interior plant business to complement our facility.”

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