by Dr. Alfred Byrd Graf 

The ideal book for the horticulturist or professional designer. The small format but large content of 1200 photographs with complete care requirements makes this book the essential desktop tool for the serious plant fancier or business person. Its attractive price also makes it possible  to have several copies for office and briefcase. In addition to photographs are botanical terms and keys to care for each plant included on the lower left side of each photo. A brief introductory text explains best location for interior plants, general watering principals, pest control and descriptive text about the keys to care.

by Dr. Alfred Byrd Graf 

Color Cyclopedia of Exotic Plants and Trees

An intriguing pictorial reference with 7,000 illustrations showing virtually all of the important cultivated plants originating in tropical and subtropical climates, arranged by families. These are grown outdoors or on the patio in warm regions, or may be taken indoors in colder climates, at least during winter time. A special feature is a section on tropical and subtropical fruit. Interspersed habitat photos will make browsing through these pages both educational and pleasurable experience.


by Dr. Alfred Byrd Graf 

Unparalleled in its comprehensiveness, Hortica brings together a kaleidoscope of 8,100 full color photographs and detailed descriptions of more than 10,000 ornamental plants for indoors and for every climate worldwide. Each plant entry includes information on mature height, hardiness zones, the native range of the plant, leaf and flower shape and color, bloom times, and any other ornamental features the plant may have, fruit, cones, autumn color, decorative bark.

175 pages 6 3/4 x 7 3/4
ISBN # 0-911-266-100

1140 pages
ISBN # 0-911266-24-0

1218 pages
ISBN # 0-911266-25-9

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