Our professionals will design an interior landscape that compliments and enhances your workspace, with plants that will make a positive visual impact.

We will use plants that are suitable for your environment, based on the amount of light, temperature and space available.

We have a wide selection of decorative containers that will compliment the colors and styles of your décor.

All necessary planting procedures will be followed such as using proper soil mixtures, containers, drainage systems, ground covers and mulches.

Our knowledgeable staff will ensure that the installation will be completed as swiftly as possible with the least amount of disturbance at the project site.

All plants and materials will be inspected for quality control before they reach your site.

Our service technicians will provide thorough, regular maintenance, to ensure that the plants thrive and remain healthy.

Maintenance consists of watering, dusting, trimming, pruning and fertilizing.

Replacement guarantee protects your investment. Plant changes will be made promptly at no additional charge.

Regular supervisory visits will address any concerns you may have.

Our sales and design team is available to visit your office to determine your specific plantscaping needs.

We will assist you in choosing the proper plants for your office space, and provide a detailed proposal.